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Frequently Asked Questions


I’m busy at the moment, can you list my item(s) for me?

Absolutely! If you send us a list of your item(s), pictures of it, and what you’d like to charge, we’ll take care of the listing for you.

What if I had already agreed to rent the item(s) but coincidentally it was damaged before the transaction will take place, will I be penalized?

If item is damaged, do inform JRC immediately so that we can provide an alternative for the renter. Do not proceed with renting out your damaged item(s).

If my items are damaged, what should I do to request compensation?

Inform JRC and take note of the extent of damage or loss on the invoice. Do collect a $200* deposit from the renter and send the item for a repair quotation. Share the quote with the renter and decide whether repair or replacement is more feasible for the renter.

Is there any minimum requirement for my item(s) to be rented out?

There is no minimum requirement, however, we would look at the completeness of your kit upon submission and let you know if we are able to list your item(s) on J Rental Centre.

Can I rent out the Item(s) only on weekends?

Yes you may! Besides indicating on the listing, you are free to accept or decline any requests based on the availability of your item(s)!

What if I suddenly need to use my item(s) or am unable to proceed with a confirmed booking?

We strongly discourage Owners cancelling the booking as you have given commitment that your item(s) are available for rent. Do let our admin know and we will do our best to find a solution.

What if I realise the damage only much later, say about a week later? I am still entitled to compensation, right?

You are not entitled to compensation. As such we highly encourage owners and renters to check on the condition of the item(s) during both collection and return.

What photos should I post?

We recommend posting official products photos with a white background and no watermarks that can be easily found online. Keep the 500x500 pixels image to below 50kb.

How should I price my listings?

We suggest setting prices competitive to similar rentals on other rental platforms in Singapore. Generally, this will be around 2-5% of the replacement value of the item. We will inform of any changes in price due to market demand as part of our regular price review. Feel free to email us for further discussion.


Can I arrive earlier/later than my booked times?

The earliest you may arrive is 15 min before the scheduled slot to facilitate transfer and setup of equipment. Do inform the owner as soon as possible if you will be late and your expected time of arrival. Owners will try their best to accommodate but this is subject to their availability.. Do note that late arrival will not lead to an extension of your booking.

Does J Rental Centre charge a deposit?

For the vast majority of rentals, a deposit would not be required.however, depending on the value of the item or set of items that you may require, a cash deposit of $200 may be required. This deposit is fully refundable upon the return of the rented equipment in good, working condition.

What happens if I misplaced or damaged a piece of equipment that I rented?

Can I pay upon return of the equipment?
Damaged or missing equipment is never a pleasant situation, but as stated in our Terms of Service, you would be required to bear the full cost of repairing or replacing the equipment, its accessories and any cost associated with the piece of equipment being out of service (such as rental forgone or cost borne by owners to rent the same/similar piece of equipment for his/her usage).
If you require urgent assistance on set, do not hesitate to contact us and our admin’s will try to assist by looking for available solutions to ensure the continuation of your shoot.


How does the student discount work?

As we aim to support students in their productions or school projects, we have a permanent 10% discount on the first day rental rate. Simply sign up for an account as a student to enjoy this discount when you make inquiries of at least $25 and 2 days in advance. The student discount also partially stacks with multi-day or multi-item discounts.

What if I want to change the date of pick up, is that allowed?

Depends on the availability of the owner. It can be arrange. Do contact us in advance, we will try our best to arrange for you if time/owner/item allows.

Am I able to extend the time of rental?

Depends. If the owner agrees and there are no renters within the days that you want extend the rent, you can arrange to extend the time of rental. You will have to inform and get the approval of  the owner for any extension time of rental made.

Am I able to send someone on my behalf to go pick up the rented items for me should I be unable to make it?

Yes. you can send someone on your behalf. However, you will need to update J Rental Centre in advance so you will receive an acknowledgement form to be filled up. We would also need the person collect on behalf of you to bring any kind of identification to identify that it is your representation. Their identification details must tele with the acknowledgement form.

What if I return products and accidentally forget to bring something?

Depends on which item you forget to bring. If the item is needed that day/the next day, we require you to return it latest 3 hours before the next renter needs it. If the item is not needed the next day we allow your to return the next day latest by 8pm. (Can be arrange if need more time). The decision will be made if time/owner/item allows.

What happens if the item I rent suddenly stops working even though I did not do anything to it to break it?

Do not attempt to use force to break open, or to continue using it. Call the owner (that is stated on the invoice) or J Rental Centre (+65 8168 0897) to notify us about the problem first.

Can I pay upon return of the equipment?

Full payment of all fees will be required upon collection of the gears unless otherwise agreed upon by owners and renters in writing. All outstanding fees (such as late penalty fees, damage deposits and extension fees) should be paid immediately upon the return of gears.

What if I want to rent items from multiple locations?

Besides checking out the locations which have more gear, you may also email us at or get in touch via WhatsApp (81680897). We will try our best to courier the items to one location (may incur additional cost and depending on availability and kind of gear). Alternatively, you may also choose to pick the items up and meet more of us along the way.

Can I return the item earlier?

Depends. You can arrange it with the owner or JRC for items that you would want return earlier. However, there are no refunds for items returned earlier. It will depends on the operating personal, whether are they in the collection point as J Rental Centre is not a shop, it is a collection centre.


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