Expert Videography Tips from Zhi Yun Goh!

26th June 2023

🎬 Expert Videography Tips from our owner, Zhi Yun Goh! 🌟

We've got some amazing tips to share with you from the experienced videographer, Zhi Yun Goh. She is the owner of numerous camera gear listed on the JRC platform. With years of experience in shooting and working with clients, her tips are bound to help all you beginners out there. 🎬✨

Here are some of her top tips to take your videography skills to the next level:

1️⃣ Arrive Early: Always give yourself an extra 20-30 minutes to scout the event location, familiarise yourself with the surroundings, and set up your equipment. Preparation is key!

2️⃣ Set Expectations: Prior to the shoot and throughout the process, have open and clear communication with your client. Manage their expectations regarding what can be achieved during the filming session and in the subsequent editing process.

3️⃣ Plan Your Shots: Come prepared with a rough shot list in your mind. Visualise the shots you want to capture before you start filming. It helps to have a clear vision in mind.

4️⃣ Confirm Camera Settings: Double-check and confirm camera settings with your client before and during the shoot. It ensures you're on the same page and captures the footage as desired.

5️⃣ Shoot with Editing in Mind: Think about the final edit while you're filming. Consider the flow and sequence of shots to make the editing process smoother.

6️⃣ Have a Video Reference: If possible, obtain a video reference before the shoot, especially if you'll be handling both shooting and editing. It serves as a helpful guide and inspiration.

7️⃣ Embrace Client Feedback: Maintain clear communication with your client and embrace their feedback with a collaborative approach. It's an opportunity to refine your work and exceed their expectations.

Stay tuned to our page for more valuable tips from experienced owners and partners of JRC. Follow us to stay updated and enhance your videography skills! 📸💡

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